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Inspired by my little human Kennedy.

In my previous career, I had the opportunity to work on a product team developing an app for a retail store that would help track and move inventory between the sales floor and stockroom. This is where I was first exposed to UX design and web development. Being part of that experience really influenced my decision to pursue a new path where I could build upon my skillsets and use my experience. One of my greatest skills as a leader has always been to break the business down into components where we could identify opportunities and create solutions before they became problems. This would help impact the overall business without changing the entire process and is very in line with the UX process.

This is what has attracted me to web design and I have been focused on learning the design process and incorporating my previous experience as much as possible. I have spent the past 3 years enrolled in web development and design programs to gain the knowledge and ability to work in this industry. I have completed the Full Stack Web Development Program through Careerfoundry, the Javascript Intensive Program at General Assembly and in 2017-2018 completed a design apprenticeship at Bloc.io.