Hi, I'm Jerry.

I am an empathetic user experience designer. I believe in storytelling through the process of design that puts the user at the heart of all decisions. I want to make products that feel human, engage users and impact peoples lives positively - currently designing products at Travelers. You can view my resume here.

queued screenshot
Product Design

Queued is a party playlist application that allows users to connect to a host party and add tracks to a queue. There are two modes which allow the app to function like a classic jukebox or give the user's the ability to like and dislike tracks to move them around the queue. I owned all aspects of the product design and developed a product landing page.

two pines screenshot
Product Design

From idea to deliverable I owned all aspects of the design process. The task was to create a product showcase and I created a coffee company and all branding from logo to packaging design. Check out my full case study to see how my process works.

cumulus screenshot
UX/UI Design and Development

Cumulus is a web application prototype that allows users to save, share and collaborate on content in one platform that I developed during my Design apprenticeship at Bloc. I owned all aspects of the design and development process. Check out my case study to see my process and work.